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All Iowans can play a part in stopping human trafficking. Together, using knowledge and tools, we can prevent human trafficking because even one victim is too many.

Human Trafficking is happening in communities across Iowa. It is a crime that can happen behind closed doors, in plain sight, at a workplace and in any community - including yours. That's why it's important to understand what it is, identify the signs, and learn how to report suspicious behaviors and situations when you see them.

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Understand HT
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It has many looks and faces, but there are 2 types of HT crimes.
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Identify HT
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While HT is often a hidden crime, there are signs. Learn about what to watch for.
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Report HT
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One anonymous tip could save a victim. Please report it when you see it.
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Visit our frequently asked questions page to learn more about human trafficking prevention training and how to receive your certification

National Human Trafficking Hotline 888.373.7888