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Human Trafficking National / Brand Training Approval

To submit your Human Trafficking National / Brand training for approval, please use this form.  (Examples: ECPAT-USA, BEST Alliance, Hilton University)

Human Trafficking Training Certification Form


Hotel Administrator User Account

Use this form if you need to edit / manage your location(s)

Hotel Administrator User Account Request Form


Hotel Final Certification Form

This is the last step to complete your Hotel Certification.

Hotel Final Certification Form




Steps in the Certification Process

>> Step 1 – Sign up for a Hotel Administrator Account to manage your location, using the following form:

>> Step 2 – Train your staff 
You have different options: Individual Online Training, Group Training or a Combination of Both

Individual Online Training – Each employee goes to the website & views one of the training videos.  After watching the video, each employee creates an account and takes the online test.  After the employee passes the test, they will receive a certificate to print out.   The employee prints out the certificate and provides it to management.

Group Training -  Hold a group training using one of the training videos on our site,
After your staff have viewed a training video, they will need to take & pass a written test.  Management uploads the records of the training to the website using their Hotel Administrator account.  Management is also required to keep copies of group training records at the facility.  

To request a copy of the written test:  email

To upload training records use the following template:  *
 * The website requires each employee to have a unique email address to register their training information.   If employees do not have an email address/refuse to provide one, we recommend creating a fictitious email using the following format:

>>Step 3 – Request Final Certification
After your staff have been trained, fill out the Final Certification form linked below: 

>>Step 4 – Receive Certification
The Iowa Office to Combat Human Trafficking (OCHT) approves your lodging facility, and you receive a Facility Certificate for your records.  The facility is now certified for 3 years.  You still need to train new staff within 30 days of hire, but no further information needs to be submitted to OCHT until re-certification.

Visit our frequently asked questions page to learn more about human trafficking prevention training and how to receive your certification

National Human Trafficking Hotline 888.373.7888